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University students 

Students of Herzen University lead an active extracurricular life.

The university has many student associations for different areas of preparation, many sections: dance, tennis, karate, musical theater, etc.


University ballroom

Students take part in organizing the most important and important events held at the university: holidays, faculty days, university birthday.

In the framework of the cultural and educational project Holiday Culture Herzen University annually hosts balls: Winter Herzen, Spring Intercollegiate and Graduation.


Sporting event

The project All-Russian school of counselors. Is a set of activities that provide not only training for professional counselors, but also create conditions for the effective work of the counselor: in a summer recreation camp, on a profile shift, in a school headed by the primary department of the school for children.


Music festival on campus

The university constantly gives students free tickets or discounts on events in the city: football matches, concerts, performances, exhibitions, etc. In addition, all students at Herzen University receive discounts from partners: cafes, restaurants, shops, etc