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Notable Names

from Herzen University

  • 1700+
    today Herzen University employs
  • 1000
    of whom hold Candidate of Science degrees
  • 300
    Doctors of Science
  • 6
  • 9
    corresponding members of the RAS and the Russian Academy of Education
The university’s contribution to Russian society has been substantial, and we recall with pride the names of the outstanding scientists and scholars who have worked at Herzen University, making their significant contributions to the development of the country’s science and industry.

Among them are such luminaries as:

Igor Vasilievich Kurchatov

academician, the father of the Russian nuclear physics school
Andrey Aleksandrovich Gershun

professor, the founder of the optical industry
Sergey Pavlovich Glasenapp

the astronomer
Vladimir Nikolayevich Ipatieff

academician, an army general and a chemist
Alexander Evgenievich Fersman

the pioneer of geochemistry
Vsevolod Vasilievich Perekalin

professor, the chemist who supervised the development of the pharmaceutical drug Phenibut, used in aerospace medicine and child psychiatry.
Famous pedagogues
  • Petr Kapterev
  • Victor Soroka-Rossinsky
  • Albert Pinkevich
Famous chemists
  • Vladimir Verkhovsky
  • Aleksey Favorsky
  • the botanist Vladimir Komarov
Famous geographers
  • Veniamin Semenov-Tian-Shansky
  • Yulii Shokalsky
Famous physiologists
  • Lev Vygotsky
  • Leon Orbeli
  • Konstantin Bykov
Famous mathematician
  • Grigory Fikhtengolts
  • and many others
Famous writers
  • Maxim Gorky
  • Evgeny Zamyatin
  • and many others
Famous psychologist
  • Sergey Ozhegov
  • Lev Scherba
  • Victor Zhirmunsky
  • Sergey Ozhegov
  • Lev Scherba
  • Victor Zhirmunsky
  • Nikolay Marr
Famous historians
  • Evgeniy Tarle
  • Vasiliy Struve
  • A. Presnyakov
  • S. Oldenburg
  • B. Grekov
The University’s graduates make a considerable contribution to the country’s social and cultural life. Some of the writers, poets, composers, actors, sportsmen, and political figures are well-known outside of Russia, as well, including: N. Zabolotsky, A. Kushner, V. Sangi, A. Chepurov, L. Reznikov, A. Morozov, L. Egorova.