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About Research

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Around 500 academic and research events annually

HERZEN STATE PEDAGOGICAL UNIVERSITY is a leading scientific and educational center of the Russian Federation. The priority areas of its activity are the development and implementation of an effective modern system of education and training at all its levels. The history of the University dates back to the St. Petersburg Educational Home, and over two centuries more than 30 scientific schools have been formed here.

For decades, the mission of the University has been to provide the national educational environment with knowledge and technologies that meet the demands of society, as well as continuous training at all levels of the educational process.

Being one of the best universities in Russia, Herzen University has been improving its position in Russian and international rankings year after year. In 2021, Herzen University was included in the QS World University Rankings, a global ranking of the best universities in the world. 


Unique research

Over the years a number of unique research fields have been established here including:
  • ontolinguistics (developmental psycholinguistics);
  • defectology (therapeutic pedagogy and the development of inclusive education in Russia);
  • bilingualism (specific features of bilingual education);
  • integrated research in childhood and child development;
  • northern studies (studies of the indigenous minorities of the Far East and Siberia)
Our scientists and research groups undertake a range of expert work in their respective fields, and the knowledge they have acquired and accumulated has become a valuable information source for further development of science and education.

Interdisciplinary ties

Our research interests include a variety of scientific fields (humanities, social and natural sciences). A major part of research at the Herzen University focuses on specific features of instruction in all academic subjects and their methodological and didactic principles.