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About Research

  • 40
    research and development institutes
  • 17
    research laboratories
  • 14
    academic research centers
  • 18
    dissertation committees
Around 500 academic and research events annually

Unique research

Over the years a number of unique research fields have been established here including:
  • ontolinguistics (developmental psycholinguistics);
  • defectology (therapeutic pedagogy and the development of inclusive education in Russia);
  • bilingualism (specific features of bilingual education);
  • integrated research in childhood and child development;
  • northern studies (studies of the indigenous minorities of the Far East and Siberia)
Our scientists and research groups undertake a range of expert work in their respective fields, and the knowledge they have acquired and accumulated has become a valuable information source for further development of science and education.

Interdisciplinary ties

Our research interests include a variety of scientific fields (humanities, social and natural sciences). A major part of research at the Herzen University focuses on specific features of instruction in all academic subjects and their methodological and didactic principles.