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Student Life

in Herzen University

  • 21000+
    students annually
  • 4000+
    forein students
  • 1400+
  • 300+
    educationals programs
Campus life is an integral part of Herzen University experience. Every month, the University hosts various festivals, competitions, sports events, parties and projects (international festivals, Freshman Welcome Day, faculty birthdays, etc.).

Student organisations exist both at the University and faculty or institute level, and host events open to everyone:

(Gamification Management, Sociological Workshop, etc.)

That cover a wide range of majors and allow students to learn more about the topics they are interested in together with their peers;

25+ sports clubs

(Ballet dancing, Kyokushin karate, Golden Pelicans, etc.)

Which help you to stay fit and to find new friends.

Art Groups

(Art Support, Vogue Theatre, Herz-N Centre focusing on singing and dancing)

where you can find other students who share your passion, try something new or hone your skills in a friendly environment after classes;

Cinema Clubs

(Cinema Story, Breakfast, etc.)

Members watch films from different countries in their original languages and discuss them. You can come to watch the films and listen to others, or jump into discussions and suggest films to watch;

Student Theatres

You can try acting even if you have never been involved in drama before;

Volunteer Organizations

Those are tight-knit communities of students who spend time together, help each other and prepare for various events both within and outside the University. Joining a volunteer organisation is ideal if you want to immerse fully into the local culture, people and the city while also making the world a better place.

Herzen University Association

Members of the Association receive discounts or free tickets to various city events like concerts, theatre performances, sports event, as well as city, country and European tours.

Student Council

This student self-governance body which serves to develop, nurture and implement student initiatives.

Student Research Association

This student self-governance body which serves to develop, nurture and implement student initiatives.

If you wish to spend your free time improving your mind and immersing yourself even further into research and research management, you are welcome at the Herzen University Student Research Association. The University also organises multiple scholarship programmes and academic competitions.