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  • City centre
    museums, panoramic views, shops
  • 2 hotels
    within the University's campus
  • 300 rooms
International students are accommodated in the University hotels for foreign students, which are situated within the main University's campus and on one of the main streets in the very center of the city. The places has a very convenient location – it is just a hundred meters off Nevsky Prospect and Ligovsky Avenue – the main streets of the city with thousands of people walking to and fro all day and all night.

From here a student gets a quick walking access to the most famous museums, architectural monuments, picturesque panoramic views of buildings, bridges, rivers and canals as well as to the largest shopping centres of St. Petersburg, such as Gallery.

Cost of Accommodation: $90-140 per month.

Accommodation addresses:

  • 6 Kazanskaya street

  • 275 Ligovsky avenue

The international office is located in a hostel building on Kazanskaya street.
    Hotel reception on Kazanskaya street