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Dear Friends,

The Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia is a unique educational institution that combines the traditions of a pedagogical and a classical university.

Today, the university is capable of satisfying students' educational requirements on the highest professional level. The variety of the academic programs, research projects and creative initiatives of professors and students makes the university a powerful academic and cultural-educational complex.

The university's campus is in the historical center of St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia today. The many museums, libraries, theaters, academic institutions and cultural organizations of the city are not simply an element of the “educational landscape” but also an integral part of the studies at the university.

Should you choose to enroll at Herzen University, I am confident that your time as a student here will remain with you as a memorable and important stage in your life, and what you learn will become the foundation of a successful career.

rectors autograph.png
Sergey Igorevich Bogdanov,
Rector, Herzen University