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To Apply

to Bachelor’s Programmes

The filing period for admissions applications for the coming academic year 2024-25 is May 22, 2024 – August 20, 2024

Please note that, due to the threat of a new strain of the COVID-19 infection, the admission process – acceptance of documents and entrance exams – will be held remotely.


Step 1
Select an academic programme
Bachelor’s Programmes
Step 2
Read the admission rules for foreign nationals at the Herzen University website
Admissions Rules
Step 3
Make sure you have all the documents you need for the application process:
  • National passport (must be valid for at least one and a half years on the date of entry into the Russian Federation)
  • Secondary school credentials (a certificate of secondary education) translated into Russian, notarized and duly legalised
  • Certificate of equivalence of the secondary school credentials (if required)
Step 4
Register at the interactive website “Admissions Committee”
  • fill in the electronic application form (in Russian),
  • Go to the Herzen University website
  • Fill in the questionnaire and upload the documents and your photo
  • Get a personal account number (ID)
  • Get approval for the entrance exams
Step 5
Take the entrance exams

The schedule of entrance exams will be available at your personal account

You will find the list of entrance exams that you have to pass to be enrolled in a certain academic programme here

Step 6
Sign a contract and pay the tuition fee

After passing the entrance exams, you may proceed to sign a contract and pay the tuition fee.

Step 7
Get an invitation letter and apply for a Russian visa

If you do not have a Russian study visa, you first need to get an invitation letter. To do so, you will need to do the following:

  • complete an application (please download the application form here

  • send a copy of your national passport, a copy of your last Russian visa (if applicable), and a completed application via e-mail to:

It will take around a month for the invitation letter to be issued. When it is ready, you will be contacted via the e-mail address that you have indicated in the application form.

Once you have received an invitation letter, please contact the nearest consulate of the Russian Federation in your country and apply for a visa there.

If you need accommodation in St Petersburg, please inform us via e-mail:


Step 8
Inform of your arrival date

Please inform us at least five days in advance of your arrival date in St Petersburg via e-mail:


When you arrive in St Petersburg, please bring a medical certificate, issued in your home country in Russian or English, to the International Students Department, or get a medical certificate (form 086/у) here in St Petersburg.

You should also bring 4 photos size 3х4 cm

If you have any questions about admission to the bachelor’s degree programmes at Herzen University, please contact the Admission Office at Herzen University, 48 Moyka Embankment, Building № 8 or via e-mail admission@herzen.spb.ru

Welcome to Herzen University!
You are now a member of the Herzen University team.