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To Apply

to PhD Programmes

The 2023/2024 academic year doctoral programme admission period for foreign students is from 22 May to 13 October.

The application and all required documents should be submitted remotely.

The originals of the required documents should be properly scanned or photographed clearly and uploaded in the applicant’s Dashboard in the Admissions Board electronic system.


Step 1
Choose the programme you wish to apply to
Phd Programmes
Tuition fees
Step 2
Read the Herzen University Foreign Student Admission Policy
Read these documents
Step 3
Gather electronic copies of the required documents:
  • your national passport (the expiration date should be at least 18 months after the date of entry into the Russian Federation),
  • your academic credentials (a master’s or specialist’s degree diploma) translated into Russian, notarised and duly legalised,
  • if required, your diploma recognition certificate;
  • a document confirming your level of Russian,
  • a reference paper on your field of study or a list of published academic papers (form 16),
  • a departmental statement (by the department hosting the doctoral programme), and
  • a photo taken this year.
Step 4
Create an account in the Admissions Board electronic system

Please create an account on the official Herzen University website https://enrollee.herzen.spb.ru/login within the admission period, to receive a Dashboard login and password.

Receive a personal ID number and send it to the Admissions Board at admission@herzen.spb.ru.

To submit the required documents in the Dashboard, please
  • fill in the electronic application form (in Russian),
  • upload the electronic images of required documents (documents in a foreign language should be uploaded together with images of notarised Russian translation);
  • after confirmation by the Admissions Board, print out the completed form,
  • confirm that the application is complete and accurate by signing in the marked fields, and
  • upload an electronic copy of the signed application form to the Dashboard or e-mail it to admission@herzen.spb.ru
Step 5
Pass the entrance exams

Entrance exams for doctoral programmes will held September (dates to be confirmed)

Applicants have to pass the following entrance exams:

  • an exam in the area of specialisation of the doctoral programme and
  • a foreign language exam (Russian for foreign nationals from non-CIS states).

Entrance examss are held remotely. When they are held, the applicant’s identity will be confirmed in a manner selected by the University.

The dates and times of entrance exams will be available in the applicant’s Dashboard after such dates are confirmed by the University.

Step 6
    Sign the contract and pay the tuition fee
  • To finalise enrolment, the applicant should upload the signed Enrolment Confirmation Form to the Dashboard or e-mail it to admission@herzen.spb.ru

  • In the Enrolment Confirmation Form, the applicant certifies that they shall provide the originals of all required documents to the University during the first year of study.

  • To enter into the Tuition Payment Agreement, the applicant should upload the client information in the Dashboard no later than the day they submit their Enrolment Confirmation Form.

  • On the next business day after the day the Enrolment Confirmation Form is submitted, the University will send the applicant a Tuition Payment Agreement and an invoice as electronic files.

  • The applicant shall confirm that the Tuition Payment Agreement is complete and accurate by signing in marked fields.

  • The applicant should upload an electronic copy of the signed Tuition Payment Agreement and a payment receipt to the Dashboard or e-mail it to admission@herzen.spb.ru no later than (exact date to be confirmed).

Step 7
Fill in the invitation application form

To get a visa invitation, you should

  • fill in two copies of the application form (here),
  • provide two copies of the first page of your national passport, and
  • provide a copy of the last Russian visa you received (the invitation processing time is at least six weeks).
Step 8
Get an invitation and apply for a visa

You can receive your invitation in the Passport and Visa Office at 6 Kazanskaya Street.

After that, you should use this invitation to apply for a visa at the consulate of the Russian Federation in your country.

Step 9
Come to St Petersburg

After you arrive in St Petersburg, please provide the originals of the required documents, a medical certificate issued in your country of origin, in English or Russian, or a 086/u medical certificate, four 3x4 photos and a migration registration certificate to the International Students Department in Room 3, 6 Kazanskaya Street.

Welcome to Herzen University!