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Visa Regulations

Dear applicants,

Please note the following information:

Issuance of an invitation for obtaining a Student Visa to enter the Russian Federation

The issuance of invitations to foreign citizens (applicants) enrolling in the Herzen State Pedagogical University is possible immediately after the International Admissions Office approves the application documents (in the applicant’s profile) and after the admission of the applicant to the entrance examinations.

For issuing an invitation, a foreign student must submit the following documents to the International Admissions Office of Herzen University (in person or by e-mail: admission@herzen.spb.ru):

1. An Invitation Questionnaire filled out in Russian in block letters. Please make sure you fill in all the fields of the questionnaire. In case some information is not relevant, such as previous surname, name, patronymic, place of work, etc., write “I do not have it,” “I did not change” or “no.” When answering the question “Expected date of arrival in Russia” please keep in mind that the term of issuing the invitation is 50 days from the date of application.

2. Copy of the foreign passport. The passport must be valid at least 1.5 years from the date of intended entry into the Russian Federation. The copy or scan of the passport must meet the following requirements: the scale of the image must be at least 100%, the image should be clear, with good contrast, clearly readable; it should not contain glare or foreign objects. Black and white or coloured images are permitted.