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(The Ballet-Master's Art)

  • Choreography (The Ballet-Master's Art)
  • 52.03.01
  • Bachelor
    4 years
  • Full-time education
    Mode of Study
  • Russian
    Language of Instruction

Our Advantages

  • High-calibre academic staff
  • Conferences and seminars with the participants from leading universities for humanities
  • Master classes from most influential Russia’s concert performers and leading professors of Russian and foreign universities
  • Meet-the-artist events with heads of city and district methodology teams and alumni
  • International competitions and festivals, numerous performances in city’s concert venues
  • International Festival and Competition ‘SUPER DANCE: From Folk to Modern Style’ initiated by the Institute
  • An opportunity to pursue a master programme in Herzen University or any other university

Admissions Tests

  • A creative task in choreography

  • A written test in the Russian language

Key Courses/Disciplines

  • Composition: Classical Dance
  • A Modern Dance Composition
  • A Composition: Folk Stage Dance
  • A Composition: Historical Folk Dance and Modern Ballroom Dance
  • A Introduction to Acting
  • A Choreographic Compositions of the 20th Century
  • A History of Literature
  • A History of Choreography
  • A History of Theatre
  • A Introduction to Management of Performing Arts
  • A History of Modern Choreography
  • A Scenography and Theatre Design
  • A Introduction to Directing
  • A Analysis of Dancing Performances
  • A Choreographer’s Art
  • A Anatomy, Physiology and Foundations of Dance Medicine

Career Opportunities

  • A teacher of dancing in a general education school
  • Head of a dancing group
  • A teacher of dancing in a children’s art school
  • A ballet dancer in a concert group
  • A teacher of dancing in secondary vocational schools