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Additional Education (Moral and Values Education, Extracurricular Activities)

  • Additional Education (Moral and Values Education, Extracurricular Activities)

  • 44.03.02
    Teaching and Psychology

  • Bachelor
    4 years

  • Full-time education
    Mode of Study

  • Russian
    Language of Instruction

Our Advantages

The programme is designed to ensure that you acquire all the knowledge and skills to become a highly-qualified professional working in a modern education environment:

  • a broad theoretical base in humanities, with a heavy focus on philosophy, psychology and education studies
  • ability to solve non-standard and challenging tasks in the sphere of moral and values education;
  • solid knowledge of modern methods of moral and values education
  • ability to employ a variety of techniques for organising extra-curricular activities
  • skills required for working with children of different age groups and nationalities, as well as children with different social, cultural and religious backgrounds

As part of the curriculum, students are encouraged to:

  • take part in a range of student clubs and societies (research groups, creative groups, community groups, student unions, etc.)
  • and work in the Laboratory of Moral and Values Development and Additional Education at the Department of Theory and History of Pedagogy

Admissions Tests

For applicants with a high school leaving certificate:

  • Social Studies Test (Unified State Exam)
  • The Russian Language Test (Unified State Exam)
  • and any of the following tests (at the applicant’s choice): Mathematics Test (Unified State Exam) or History Test (Unified State Exam)

For applicants with a vocational or university degree:

  • Social Studies Test (in writing)
  • The Russian Language Test (in writing)
  • and any of the following tests (at the applicant’s choice): Mathematics Test (in writing) or Test in Psychological and Pedagogical Foundations of Modern Education (in writing)

Key Courses/Disciplines

  • Methodology of Training and Moral Education: Additional Education and Extracurricular Activities
  • Additional Education System for Children
  • Homeroom Teacher: Forms and Methods of Work
  • Organising Student Self-Governance
  • Work of Deputy Headmaster for Moral and Values Education and Extracurricular Activities
  • Directing Mass Child Events
  • Modern Children’s and Youth Activism and Organisations
  • Camp Counsellor Workshop

Career Opportunities

Our alumni find employment as:

  • teachers in charge of extracurricular activities
  • camp counsellors
  • managers of children’s associations

Prospective employers include:

  • secondary schools
  • additional education establishments
  • children’s sports camps
  • youth clubs