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Preschool Education

  • Preschool Education

  • 44.03.02
    Teaching and Psychology

  • Bachelor
    4 years

  • Full-time education
    Mode of Study

  • Russian
    Language of Instruction

Our Advantages

  • Projects-based learning
  • Electronic educational resources that make students familiar with preschool education facilities
  • An opportunity to take part in research initiatives of the Department of Preschool Education
  • Our staff have developed preschool curriculum guidelines called Childhood that are followed by the majority of preschool education facilities in Russia. They are also the authors of textbooks as well as teaching and learning materials in preschool education and teaching methodology

Admissions Tests

For international applicants:
  • The Russian Language Test
  • Mathematics Test / Biology Test (one test to student’s choice)

Key Courses/Disciplines

  • Age-Related Changes in Anatomy and Physiology
  • Introduction to Behavioural Genetics
  • Child Psychophysiology
  • General and Experimental Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Preschool Pedagogy
  • Sociology and Cultural Studies of Childhood
  • Modern Childhood Subculture
  • Module “Psychological and Pedagogical Support for Children in Education”
  • Module “Organising Communication and Interaction with Toddlers and Preschoolers”
  • Module “Organising Activity and Interaction for Toddlers and Preschoolers”
  • Module “Foundations of Designing and Managing Child Education”
  • Module “Child Social, Communicative and Speech Development Methodology”
  • Module “Child Cognitive Development Methodology”
  • Module “Child Artistic and Aesthetic Development Methodology”
  • Module “Designing Social, Cultural and Educational Environment for Toddlers and Preschoolers”

Career Opportunities

Teacher in preschool facilities:
  • private and public kindergartens
  • education centres
  • additional education institutions