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Social and Pedagogical Guidance for Children and Youth

  • Social and Pedagogical Guidance for Children and Youth
  • 44.03.02
    Teaching and Psychology
  • Bachelor
    4 years
  • Full-time education
    Mode of Study
  • Russian
    Language of Instruction

Our Advantages

Our teaching staff makes extensive use of interactive learning methods to ensure an effective and flexible learning process:

  • moderated discussions
  • simulations
  • case studies
  • role-play discussions
  • educational games and project-based methods
  • information technology

Our students:

  • benefit from distance learning opportunities implemented through a powerful virtual learning environment
  • obtain considerable work experience and undergo internships at educational establishments and social welfare organisations of St Petersburg
  • take part in international and local research and practice conferences
  • develop and implement research and volunteer projects
  • take part in contests and competitions
  • attend workshops by international instructors as part of our annual academic mobility programme

Admissions Tests

For applicants with a high school leaving certificate:

  • The Russian Language Test (Unified State Exam)
  • Biology Test (Unified State Exam)
  • and any of the following tests (at the applicant’s choice): Mathematics Test (Unified State Exam) or Social Studies Test (Unified State Exam)

For applicants with a vocational degree:

  • The Russian Language Test (in writing)
  • Biology Test (in writing)
  • and any of the following tests (at the applicant’s choice): Mathematics Test (in writing) or Test in Psychological and Pedagogical Foundations of Modern Education (in writing)

Key Courses/Disciplines

  • Introduction to Psychological and Pedagogical Work
  • Psychological and Pedagogical Assessment
  • Children’s Social Welfare Framework
  • Social and Pedagogical Support of Children and Youth
  • Design of Social, Cultural and Educational Environment
  • Social Welfare Management
  • Theory and Practice of Social and Pedagogical Interaction
  • Social and Pedagogical Interaction with Various Groups of Children

Career Opportunities

Our alumni land positions across a wide range of organisations:

  • secondary schools
  • vocational schools
  • centres for psychological and social welfare advice
  • healthcare institutions
  • organisations established by St Petersburg Committee for Youth Policy and Cooperation with NGOs
  • youth centres
  • social welfare organisations (children and family welfare centres; shelter-care facilities for minors; social rehabilitation centres for children, including children with disabilities)