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Social Sciences Training

  • Social Sciences Training
  • 44.04.01
    Pedagogical Trainingt
  • Master
    2 years
  • Full-time education
    Mode of Study
  • Russian
    Language of Instruction

Our Advantages

  • High-calibre staff: Professors, Associate Professors, staff holding doctoral and advanced doctoral degrees, Honorary Higher Education Professionals of Russia
  • The use of modern educational technologies: e-learning courses in Information Technology in Professional Activity; multimedia (presentations, presentations to facilitate individual or group work of students); Flash technology (computer-based testing); simulations, case studies and game-based learning (practical training for to-be teachers of history); projects in teaching and learning history
  • Experience of working in difference education institutions (lyceums, gymnasiums, vocational education schools, specialised schools, and additional education facilities)
  • Meetings and master classes with the city’s leading teachers
  • An opportunity to take part in the following Faculty projects and initiatives: Research Society, Faculty Newspaper, organising and conducting The Games of Mind—a quiz for school students, volunteer programme, etc.
  • An opportunity to pursue a doctoral programme at the Department of Methods for Teaching History and Social Studies, Herzen University

Admissions Tests

  • Current Issues in Teaching Social Sciences (a test and an interview)

Key Courses/Disciplines

  • 1

    Theoretical Foundations of Methods for Teaching Social Studies

  • 2

    Methods for Teaching Social and Economic Development at School

  • 3

    Methodology for Assessing and Controlling Social Sciences Training for School Students

  • 4

    Developing Modern Tools for Assessing Learning Outcomes

  • 5

    Educational Design in Teaching Social Studies

  • 6

    Risk Studies in Social Sciences Education

  • 7

    Current Issues in Education in Religion Studies and Theology

Career Opportunities

  • A teacher of social studies in general education schools, gymnasiums and lyceums
  • A curriculum developer in centres of methodology, information and research
  • A curriculum developer in publishing houses specialising in pedagogy
  • A curriculum developer in additional education facilities