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Information Technology in Education

  • Information Technology in Education
  • 44.04.01
    Education Studies
  • Master
    2 years
  • Full-time education
    Mode of Study
  • Russian
    Language of Instruction

Our Advantages

  • Students have an opportunity to design and develop a new electronic learning environment
  • Students may take part in international research projects
  • Students may obtain an international certificate upon completion of a module of the international education programme ‘Information and Communication Technology in Professional Teacher Development’ run by the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education

Admissions Tests

Information Technology in Education Test

Key Courses/Disciplines

  • Research Methodology in Education
  • Professional Communication
  • Digital Transformation in Education
  • Electronic Learning Environment Design
  • Electronic Learning Environment Technology
  • Expert Evaluation of Electronic Learning Environment
  • Research in Electronic Environment

Career Opportunities

A range of positions in educational institutions, including:
  • deputy school manager for IT;
  • an employee in charge of distance learning;
  • a curriculum developer in university resource centres, open learning centres, companies engaged in the development of electronic learning resources and design of electronic learning environments for different client needs.

Research positions:
  • member of a research team implementing research projects in the development and maintenance of digital learning environments.