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History of Religions

  • History of Religions
  • 47.03.04
    Religion Studies
  • Master
    2 years
  • Full-time education
    Mode of Study
  • Russian
    Language of Instruction

Our Advantages

  • An effective balance between innovation and tradition
  • A comprehensive understanding of modern research agenda in religion studies
  • Focus on the world’s most remarkable and influential national / ethnic religions and modern religious movements
  • Focus on the contemporary evolution of religions: religious modernism, religious fundamentalism, ecumenism, "post-confessional world", secularism, post-secularism, quasi-religiousness
  • An opportunity to conduct independent research
  • Communication and networking with representatives of faith-based organisations, diaspora communities, national centres of culture, etc.

Admissions Tests

  • Current Issues in Religion Studies (a test and an interview)

Key Courses/Disciplines

  • 1

    History of Russian and Foreign Religion Studies

  • 2

    Current Issues in Religion Studies in Higher Education

  • 3

    Religions in Contemporary Russia

  • 4

    Religious Evolution in Contemporary World

  • 5

    Interaction between Church and State in Russian History and International Experience

  • 6

    History of Religious Groups in Northwestern Russia and St Petersburg

  • 7

    Myths and Rituals in the Traditions of the Russian People

Career Opportunities

  • Doctoral studies, including PhD programmes from foreign universities
  • Russian and foreign education institutions
  • A consultant and an expert in inter-faith communication and public relations with religious communities