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Comparative studies in education: Russian case

  • Comparative studies in education: Russian case
    44.04.01. Master’s Degree Programme
  • Master’s
    2 years
  • Full-time education
    Mode of Study
  • English
    Language of Instruction

Why “Comparative studies in education: Russian case”?

• It’s ideal for anyone working in Education, Further Education and the Skills Sector, and broader educational settings.

• This course can serve different needs and offers students opportunities to learn across a range of areas within the broad field of education: developing educational programs, comparative issues, constructing international projects.

• We will deepen your understanding of Russian culture and education in different historical times including the Soviet period as well.

• The programme is good for students that are looking to develop their career within the specialist field of modern comparative education and designer of international courses.

You will benefit from:

The master's degree course gives students that extra edge that today’s employers are looking for and provides them profound knowledge to become educational professionals.

The Master's degree program trains teachers-researchers in the field of a new type of education and offers

• training in conducting scientific research, which subsequently gives students the opportunity to complete postgraduate studies to obtain Phd;

• prepare students for working on various educational programs of High, Secondary or professional schools and Skills Sector

• cope with the technology of making international educational projects in educational organizations of different levels.

Our alumni work in the following positions:

• teacher;

• curriculum leader;

• manager of an educational organization;

• teacher in Skills Sector;

• facilitator;

• tutor.

Where can I work?

• educational institutions;

• research institutions.

Main Subjects:

• Methodology and Methods of Scientific Research in Pedagogy

• Digital Transformation of Education

• The History of Comparative Studies in Education

• Intellectual Culture of Russian Empire in Comparative Perspective

• Psychological Research in Education

• Pedagogical Support of Children at Social Risk

• Pedagogical Education in Russia

• The Russian Academic System: History, Traditions, and World Contexts

• Pedagogical Ideas and Education in Russia of the 18th and 19th Centuries

• Ethnocultural Studies in Russian Pedagogy

• Soviet School and Soviet Pedagogy of the Second Half of the 20th Century

• Soviet Childhood

• Basics of Intercultural Communication

• Models and Methods for Evaluating Innovative Processes in Education

• Russian Language in Professional Communication

• Alternative Forms of Education

• Professional communication in a multicultural educational environment   

Admissions Test(s):

interview in English (on-line, 15 min.)

Applicants have to:

• prove the choice of the master's degree program,

• give the description of his educational and professional experience,

• represent the available achievements (portfolio content),

• describe the expected development of his future professional activity,

• reveal the content of one of the questions prepared by the applicant in advance, from the list is given below.

Sample interview topics

  1. Pedagogy as an educational science
  2. Basic terms and concepts of pedagogy
  3. Examples of pedagogical research
  4. The concept of Сomparative pedagogy
  5. Goals and content of modern education
  6. The structure of the secondary education (country in optional)
  7. The content of school education (country in optional) 
  8. Educational technologies at school
  9. Bilingual Education
  10. Compensating training
  11. Examples of pedagogical innovations in school Education
  12.  The concept of socialization in Pedagogy
  13. Moral Education
  14.  Сivic Education
  15.  Religious Education
  16.  Multicultural Education
  17.  Higher Education: development trends  (country in optional)
  18.  Examples of innovations in Higher Education
  19.  Teacher training (country in optional)
  20. Modern teacher competencies

Possible sources for interviews

1.          Barry Kort, Rob Reilly Evolving Educational Pedagogy in Developing Nations. – URL: https://affect.media.mit.edu/projectpages/lc/Kort.pdf (дата обращения 30.01.2023)

2.      Naureen Durrani Pedagogy, curriculum, teaching practices and teacher education in developing countries. - URL: https://www.academia.edu/20727174/Pedagogy_curriculum_teaching_practices_and_teacher_education_in_developing_countries  (дата обращения 30.01.2023)

3.      Composition Teachers from Different Cultures: Where is Pedagogy?i. – URL:  https://www.academia.edu/18095366/Composition_Teachers_from_Different_Cultures_Where_is_Pedagogy_i  (дата обращения 30.01.2023)

4.      Zongyi Deng Confucianism, modernization and Chinese pedagogy: An introduction. – URL: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/233201987_Confucianism_modernization_and_Chinese_pedagogy_An_introduction (дата обращения 30.01.2023)

5.      Best universities in pedagogy in Russia 2022 Rankings. – URL: https://smapse.com/best-universities-in-pedagogy-in-russia-2022-ranking/   (дата обращения 30.01.2023)

6.      Irina Kulikovskaya, Anna Andrienko PEDAGOGICAL EDUCATION IN RUSSIA: CHALLENGES, PROSPECTS, AND QUALITY ASSURANCE. – URL: https://ojs.journals.cz/index.php/CBUIC/article/view/621 (дата обращения 30.01.2023)

7.      Alexey Vladimirovich  Lubkov, Olga Alexandrovna Morozova  Pedagogical Education in Russia: Current State, Experience, Outlook, Problems . – URL: https://ap.pensoft.net  (дата обращения 30.01.2023)

8.      Bowen Zhanga A Comparison between Pedagogical Approaches in UK and China. –URL:  https://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/EJ1326691.pdf (дата обращения 30.01.2023)

9.      PETER KELLY Comparative Pedagogy: making sense of cultural complexity. – URL: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.2304/rcie.2013.8.4.415 (дата обращения 30.01.2023)

10. The journal “Pedagogical Education in Russia” addresses specialists working in pedagogical education institutions   

11. and other…

Join our Master’s degree programme to benefit from studying in one of Russia’s top universities located in the very heart of Saint Petersburg, the most beautiful and second largest Russian city! 

Course length: 2 years

Language of Instruction: English

Language level required: B1 and above.

More information: https://www.herzen.spb.ru/abiturients/obrazovatelnye-programmy/master/47/8562/