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The Faculty

of Biology

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The Herzen University Faculty of Biology dates back to 1920. One of the oldest faculties at the University, it has been able to preserve its best educational, academic and methodological traditions and, at the same time, pursue new avenues in the field of biology.

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Our Benefits

  • The possibility of participating in biological research in the laboratory and in the field, and of going on expeditions

  • A strong grounding in fundamental biology, which allows students, after they graduate, to further specialise in any field of biology and to continue their studies at Russian and foreign universities

Academic Staff

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    Doctors of Sciences

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    Candidates of Sciences

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    Honoured Professionals of Russia

Famous graduates


a well-known protozoologist and author of biology textbooks used in schools. Most of her research was devoted to the classification and ecology of protists. She was head of the Zoology Department from 1976 to 1993, and during this time they began to offer comprehensive courses in genetics, evolution and cytology, to organise courses that developed the professional skills of the academic staff and to introduce seasonal field trips to the town of Vyritsa that focused on invertebrate zoology.


a renowned zoologist and the author of Invertebrate Zoology, which is currently used as one of the main textbooks in the subject. He originated the concept of polymerisation and oligomerisation of homologous organs in animal evolution. He also set up the facilities at the Department of Zoology required for teaching and research, and founded the department’s Museum of Zoology, which still serves as a base for most of the courses.

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