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The Faculty

of Geography

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The Faculty of Natural Geography was one of the first faculties at Herzen University. Today it is making strides in developing education in the field of geography in Russia.

Faculty of Geography graduates go on to work in educational institutions, international and regional environmental organisations, and various businesses. They are also involved in tourism.

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Our Benefits

  • Field research trips to the Leningrad Region and the University’s own geography facility

  • Long-distance field research trips to various areas in Russia (the Urals, the Altai Mountains, Crimea, the North Caucasus) and neighboring countries

Academic Staff

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    Doctors of Sciences

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    Candidates of Sciences

Famous graduates

Yury Kublitskiy
Petr Leontiev

geographers and teachers at Herzen University, are currently engaged in reconstructing the history of Antarctic lakes by studying their bottom sediments.


A Russian and Soviet statistician and geographer, and the author of landmark works on the geographical demarcation of urban and rural settlements, made a huge contribution to the theoretical underpinnings of geography and is considered to be the first Russian theoretician of political geography.


A prominent geographer and statistician, was the author of fundamental works on geography.

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