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The Institute

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The Herzen University Institute of Art Education dates back to 1959. From its very inception, the Faculty has cherished the traditions of academic education while staying abreast of the latest innovations.

Today our graduates embark on a wide range of creative careers from fine arts and graphic design to commercial web design and advertising. They are successful artists and talented teachers, unconventional designers and simply people who have a good grasp of what fine art is all about. They work in advertising agencies, design studios, mass media editorial offices and educational institutions.

One of the leaders of university education in culture and art, our faculty is very much in demand among international students.

And one more fact: In recent years our graduates have achieved such a high degree of artistic excellence that their works have appeared in several exhibitions hosted by the State Russian Museum in St Petersburg.

Our Benefits

  • Highly qualified academic staff

  • A broad range of creative arts, including painting, graphics, sculpture, and applied arts

  • Graduates sought after in a range of professional areas from teaching and creative pursuits to management and PR

  • A dynamic and creative learning environment, which includes field trips, competitions, exhibitions of student works, and classes in historical buildings, museums and galleries of St Petersburg.

Academic Staff

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    People’s Artists of Russia

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    Honoured Artists of Russia

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    Honoured Arts Workers of Russia

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    Honoured Cultural Worker of Russia

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    Honorary Higher Vocational Education Workers of Russia

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    Honorary Higher Education Professionals

Famous graduates


a painter, Candidate of Sciences (Art Studies), People’s Artist of Russia, Honorary Arts Professional of Russia, Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts;


a graphic artist, People’s Artist of Russia, a graduate of the Herzen University Faculty of Fine Arts, the designer of all modern Russian coins from 1 kopek to 10 rubles;


a painter, Honorary Artist of Russia, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia;


has participated in more than 70 art exhibitions in Russia and beyond, Associate Professor and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Honorary Education Professional of Higher Education of Russia;


has contributed over 50 works now held in the collections of Russia’s state museums, Honorary Artist of Russia, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia;


Associate Professor, Honorary Artist of Russia, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, a member of the St Petersburg Guild of Painters.

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