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The "15/60" exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Faculty of Fine Arts has been opened at Herzen University and The Russian Museum
Published 13.12.2019

The "mathematical" name of the exhibition at the Faculty of Fine Arts came as a surprise even to most of its employees. The design and computer graphics department turned 15 years old this year. And the faculty itself - 60. Is it a lot or a little? what has been done and what needs to be done? A series of exhibition projects prepared and implemented this fall by the Federal Property Fund must answer these questions.

The exposition, which opened on December 2, presents the work of students and teachers of the “Design and Computer Graphics” profile in recent years. Social poster, development of corporate identity, sites, playgrounds, interiors of schools, kindergartens and clubs, design projects for printing and ready-made publications of monographs, booklets, catalogs and calendars created as part of profile programs. Many of them were specially designed for colleagues in the faculty and commissioned by the university.

The emergence of a new profile in 2004 was due, on the one hand, to the faculty’s willingness to provide new educational services in the field of design, and on the other, to the increased interest of applicants to design activities. For many years, the faculty taught such disciplines as “Decoration at school” and “Decorative and design art”, which partly formed the basis of the curriculum for design.

According to one of the “fathers” of the new department, associate professor Anatoly Berezovsky, three main tasks are solved in the training of specialists: expand their general culture and horizons, train practical skills on a theoretical basis and educate professionals who can generate new forms and individual solutions. He is confident that today "it is important to listen to students, to develop their own potential, both within and outside academic programs."

Today, computer graphics are being implemented in almost all design processes, including the field of pedagogy. The development of computer graphics technologies and programs can and should be closely related to the process of obtaining knowledge and skills in academic disciplines. The positive results of this integration are becoming increasingly apparent. And today we can already say that the decision to open the profile “Design and Computer Graphics” at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Russian State Pedagogical University, made 15 years ago, was justified.

Congratulations to the designers!

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