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Teaching English as a foreign language. Exchange of experience between Russia and USA
Published 17.02.2020

The interest of the professors towards professional development and new knowledge is fostered by communication with their colleagues, by integration of new methodologies, and by the exchange of practical experience. These are the tasks set by the organizers of the Open English World Conference - UNESCO Chair on Sciences of Education and the St. Petersburg Association of English Teachers SPELTA.

The conference with international participation Open World of the English Language was held on 13-14, February, at Herzen University. Addressing to the participants, Yulia Komarova, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, expressed confidence that the discussion would be interesting and productive, and that all the proposed ideas would certainly come true. The Head of the UNESCO Chair on Sciences of Education Valery Monakhov noted the importance of knowledge of languages ​​for professional pedagogical activities and for the training of specialists of a new type, and also shared news about the projects of the UNESCO Chair on Sciences of Education.

Ksenia Khitrikova, Head of Cambridge Pro Testing Center, said that the Association of English Teachers SPELTA is a very important organization bringing together professionals interested in improving the level of teaching English.

Speakers discussed the British training system, methods of developing conversational skills, and the possibilities of continuous professional growth. In each of the seminars there was a practical component, which made it possible to "try on" the tasks facing students. Seminars on grammar, regional geography, and the development of critical thinking were conducted by the Methodist Johanna Campbell, a visiting professor at ITMO University.

Teachers and professors must collaborate with each other. At such conferences, you always learn something new and interesting that you can use in your work” - said Marina Vanyagina, professor of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​at St. Petersburg Military Institute of the National Guard of Russia.

The post-conference discussion was held jointly with the Cambridge Publishing House and the Department of Early Learning Foreign Languages ​​at the Institute of Childhood Studies under the guidance of Associate Professor Victoria Pogosyan.

Professors of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​took an active part in the conference: SPELTA Vice President Associate Professor Yulia Sergaeva, Associate Professors Anatoly Fetisov, Olga Ryabukha, Lidia Agafonova, Margarita Kiseleva, as well as undergraduate and graduate students. The conference was moderated by Tatyana Ivanova, Associate Professor, UNESCO Chair on Sciences of Education, President of SPELTA Association.

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