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Cambridge Day workshop at Herzen University. More than 250 participants with and exciting experience
Published 15.02.2020

The event was held by Ann Robinson, the world-famous leader of workshops and seminars for English teachers. She is the author of the well-known series of English-language study guides for children and adults (Fun for Starters, Fun for Movers, Fun for Flyers, Exam Booster, Fun Skills), published by the University of Cambridge (Cambridge University Press).

The workshop was held in an interactive mode, in an ongoing dialogue between Ann Robinson and the audience. Ann Robinson shared not only the unique methods of developing all types of speech activity in a foreign language, but also explained how to motivate students, how to connect language learning with life, how to instill confidence in the ability to use a foreign language outside the classroom, and how to develop a critical thinking, creativity, ability to collaborate.

The organizers of the event addressed welcoming words to the guests of Cambridge Day at the Institute of Childhood Studies: Irina Putro, regional representative of the University of Cambridge Publishing House, Victoria Akopovna Pogosyan, head of the Department of Early Learning Foreign Languages, Tatyana Nikolaevna Ivanova, president of the St. Petersburg Association of English Teachers (SPELTA).

Cambridge Day at the Institute of Childhood Studies was organized by the Department of Early Learning Foreign Languages ​​at the Institute of Childhood and the representative office of the University of Cambridge, and this event was the final stage held at Herzen University on the eve of the scientific conference "Open World of the English Language", organized by UNESCO Chair on Sciences of Education and the St. Petersburg Association of English Teachers (SPELTA). This format of events helps to intensify scientific and practical cooperation at several levels at once - at the interdepartmental, citywide, and international levels.

V. A. Poghosyan emphasized the uniqueness of the audience gathered at the Institute of Childhood Studies - representatives of the professional community, including researchers of the problems of teaching foreign languages, university academic staff, English teachers, students of Herzen University.

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