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Herzen University to Launch a New Russian-Chinese Joint Educational Project in October
Published 08.10.2020
The project will be launched on 10 October 2020. In it, the Herzen University course of Russian as a Foreign Language for University Applicants will be taught in China by Chinese teachers of Russian with continuous support and supervision from Herzen University faculty.

This year, COVID-19 lockdown measures have prevented Chinese nationals from accessing the Russian Home preparatory programme and cannot come to St Petersburg to study Russian as a foreign language in person.
That is why Herzen University and the Chinese Centre for Foreign Education titled “Russian Language Union” in Dalian decided to implement a joint educational programme of Russian as a foreign language for Chinese individuals who are planning to apply for bachelor and master programmes next year. They will study at the Russian Language Union facilities in their home country, in Dalian.

After graduating, the students will be able to apply to Herzen University programmes in the field of their choice.
We hope that this project would continue, and that student from this programme would demonstrate outstanding results in learning Russian and will successfully pass University entrance examinations next year.

 See you in person in 2021!

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