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Herzen University student is bronze medalist in Russian Kyokushinkai Karate Cup
Published 18.01.2021

Elizaveta Gromova, a student of the Faculty of Mathematics, took part in the Russian Kyokushinkai Karate Cup, which was held in Novosibirsk.

In her first fight, she defeated a competitor from Kemerovo, and in her second one she subdued the Russian champion of 2020, Lyubov Bakina. In the semifinals, Elizaveta lost by a slender margin to the current European Cup champion Anna Kuznetsova.

In the battle for 3rd place, however, by a decision of the judges, Elizaveta beat 2019 World Champion Anastasia Kosyanova, a graduate of the Herzen University, and became the bronze medalist of this prestigious competition.

Our congratulations to Elizaveta and her coaches! We wish her success in sport and in her studies!

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