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NEW Master’s Programme in ENGLISH
Published 22.04.2021

The Institute of Foreign Languages offers a new Master’s programme in English. A rapid growth of international contacts and information streams in our global world has changed the labor market radically. Now there is a considerable demand for highly trained specialists who are proficient in Academic English and qualified to do research in linguistics, to work with the language processing and text corpora, to provide an effective dialogue of languages and cultures. Linguistics gives you insight into one of the most intriguing aspects of humanitarian knowledge and shows how language works in diverse social and cultural contexts.


You will benefit from:

• Getting a sought-after job that requires an analytical mind, professional skills and creativity

• Unique courses by Russian and foreign experts in various fields of linguistics taught in English

• Profound knowledge of traditional and innovative methods of studying text, discourse and culture

• Mastering interdisciplinary and human-oriented approaches to language studies

• Being a part of a vibrant academic community and participating in international conferences and projects to accomplish your research objectives

• Studying in one of the oldest Russian universities located in the very heart of Saint Petersburg – a cultural capital of Russia


For more information, please visit our website

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