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The oldest pedagogical university in Russia, Herzen State Pedagogical University, continues to accept international students for Master’s programs! Hurry up! You can apply online until September 29
Published 18.09.2023

We would like to remind that there are two more weeks to realize your dream and enter one of the leading pedagogical universities of the country, which is located in the cultural capital of Russia, the city of St. Petersburg.

All entrance tests are held remotely and you connect online. After you pass the entrance tests successfully, the university sends you an invitation, and you come to St. Petersburg already as a student of Herzen University.

For admission you need to register your personal account and apply online until September 29!

The link for registering a personal account: https://enrollee.herzen.spb.ru/ino-sign-in

Please send all questions about admission at: admission@herzen.spb.ru

Herzen University is open to international students!

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