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A new academic year began at Herzen University
Published 01.09.2023

The beginning of the 2023/2024 academic year at Herzen State Pedagogical University was marked by a number of memorable events: on this day the university hosted the opening of the Ushinsky Quantorium, a concert, master classes for first-year students and, of course, an opening ceremony, without which no Day of Knowledge is complete.

Freshmen of all faculties and institutes together with their teachers gathered in front of the main building of the university.

Rector Sergey Tarasov addressed the students: “First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your admission to the best pedagogical university of the country, which continues the great traditions of national pedagogy. Igor V. Kurchatov, Vladimir I. Vernadsky, Lev S. Vygotsky and many other outstanding scientists known all over the world taught at our university. Therefore, I wish you to continue the glorious traditions of national education, national science and culture. I am sure that at the University you will meet new friends, find mentors who will help you on your professional path. Of course, Herzen University is not only about history and traditions. We have many plans for the coming academic year, and I would very much like the students who came here today to become the creators of the future.”

The floor was given to Margarita Zolushkina, a first-year student of the Philology Department of Herzen University, a graduate of the psychology and pedagogy class of School No. 47 of the Petrogradsky District of St. Petersburg named after Dmitry Likhachev, and a participant of the Herzen Wednesday project. She addressed all the participants of the opening ceremony: “I would like to congratulate all first-year students and teachers on the Day of Knowledge and wish them a productive academic year.” Within the framework of the Herzen Wednesday project I visited the University and realized that it is really the best, so I had no doubts when choosing a university. Now you and I are standing on this square in a new role for us, the role of students. It is very exciting, but soon we will go to our faculties and institutes, and our teachers will be with us e, they will always support us. A lot of work, life-changing meetings and great achievements are ahead of us.”

Sergey Tarasov handed Margarita Zolushkina a symbolic student card that expresses the continuity of the traditions of the glorious past of national pedagogy, laid by Konstantin D. Ushinsky, in the rich and information-rich present of Herzen University and the entire pedagogical system of Russia.

After the ceremonial part, the guests of honor visited the portrait gallery “Outstanding Figures of Science and Culture in the History of Herzen University” in the main building, where portraits of scientists and cultural figures who at different times headed faculties and departments, worked in scientific laboratories, and trained future teachers were presented. It is important to note that the portraits were made by teachers of the Institute of Art Education of Herzen University – leading artists of the Russian Federation.

On this significant day, freshmen were able to get acquainted with the university and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a rich student life thanks to all kinds of activities prepared for them by senior students.

The creative festival opened with a concert on the Initiative Square, with performances by participants of art studios of the Student Palace of Culture.

Different master classes were prepared for the freshmen: master classes in video shooting, vocal, choreography and many other areas, as well as sports games, which made it possible not only to have fun, but also to strengthen the team spirit with their classmates. In addition, the new students got acquainted with the activities of the Student Palace of Culture, the Student Council, the Trade Union Committee, the Student Press Center and the Herzen Gaming Club. The freshmen also plunged into the creative atmosphere of the laboratories and workshops of the recently opened Quantorium.

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