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Zhang Zhihao.png

“I like the Russian language and Russian culture. So many distinguished writers have lived and worked in St. Petersburg. I first came here in 2013. I'd like to say that “Peter” was the perfect choice.”

Zhang Zhihao, People's Republic of China

Judit Tot.png

“I came to Herzen on a month-long internship.
I like it that we have a small group here at the university, and so it's possible to spend time with our colleagues and share our experience with them. Our teachers are friendly and very professional. We learn a lot in class. And then, of course, your city is beautiful. I can't possibly imagine a more ideal place for an internship.”

Judit Tot, Hungary

Zhang Ze Hua.png

“Herzen University is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Russia. Russia has its own style of economic development. I want to find out what is so special about the economic life in Russia.” 

Zhang Ze-Hua, People's Republic of China

Gafur Yunisov.png

“I chose Herzen University because it is the best pedagogical university in Russia. I really like the teaching staff: they are professionals who are highly sought after, and they are committed to conveying their insights and their skills. The learning process is well organized and takes the students' interests into account.”

Gafur Yunisov, Azerbaijan

Maria Eckredal.png

“My name is Maria, and I'm a full professor at a Swedish university in Uppsala. I come to Herzen University every summer to study Russian. Everything – the teachers and the courses – is top-class. I love it.”

Maria Eckerdal, Sweden

Radina Dzhabirova.png

“The best way to spend a summer is to study Russian in St. Petersburg. There's the splendid architecture, the White Nights and the people – they're great!”

Radina Dzhabirova, Bulgaria

Kamil buratov.png

“I like being a student here. There are many experienced teachers, and they have an interesting way of conducting their classes so that we learn something new.
I like to go to Physical Education classes. I've gotten to know guys from different cities and countries, and some of them have become my friends.”

Kamil Buratov, Turkmenistan