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Foreign Language (English)

  • Foreign Language (English)
  • 44.03.05
    Education Studies
  • Bachelor
    5 years
  • Full-time education
    Mode of Study
  • Russian
    Language of Instruction

Our Advantages

We offer high-quality language training delivered by qualified academic staff.
Students will acquire extensive expertise in the following areas:
  • cutting-edge methods of foreign language teaching (English and Chinese)
  • development of tailored programmes to meet individual needs of students
  • design of personalized learning paths; building of an educational environment for better attainment of students’ personal, subject-specific and cross-disciplinary goals

Students will also be able to:
  • take part in student research conferences
  • and international student exchanges
  • attend open lectures of prominent experts specialising in English and Chinese and teaching methodology
  • apply (upon completion of the programme) to a master’s programme at Herzen University

Admissions Tests

  • Foreign Language Test
  • The Russian Language Test
  • Social Studies Test

Key Courses/Disciplines

  • Information Technology
  • School Pedagogy
  • Pedagogical Challenges: Case Studies
  • General and Social Psychology
  • Psychological Problem Solving in Teaching
  • Methods of Education and Training (First Studied Foreign Language)
  • Methods of Education and Training (Second Studied Foreign Language)
  • Teaching and Learning Techniques (by area of specialization)
  • Pedagogical Challenges: Case Studies
  • Introduction to Language Theory: Second Studied Foreign Language
  • Practical Training in Written Communication: First/Second Studied Foreign Language
  • Practical Training in Oral Communication: First/Second Studied Foreign Language
  • History, Geography and Culture: Countries Speaking First Studied Foreign Language
  • History and Culture: Countries Speaking Second Studied Foreign Language
  • Management of Additional Education (by area of specialization)
  • Introduction to Language Activity: First/Second Studied Foreign Language

Career Opportunities

Alumni are qualified to work in state-owned and private educational institutions:
  • schools (including lyceums and gymnasiums)
  • vocational education institutions
  • additional education institutions
  • continuing professional development courses
Alumni also land jobs in international companies, language centres and language courses.
Alumni will be able to work as language consultants, communication coaches or private language tutors.