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Educational Theology

  • Educational Theology)
  • 44.04.01
    Education Studies
  • Master
    2 years
  • Full-time education
    Mode of Study
  • Russian
    Language of Instruction

Our Advantages

The programme combines basic teacher training and Orthodox theological education.
The programme aims to train professionals, who:
  • have a broad knowledge of humanities;
  • have skills to conduct research and teach theology and other subjects in humanities;
  • have skills to train secondary school teachers so that they can teach subjects related to theology as well as moral and value development.

The programme prepares teachers and researchers who are well-rounded in current issues in theology, humanities, and teaching methodology:
  • graduates are well-placed to teach in either secular or religious settings with due regard to constitutional provisions and rights of students;
  • graduates are well-rounded in education/theology-related subject areas. They are also skilled to facilitate understanding between different social groups, either secular or religious.

Admissions Test(s)

  • Contemporary Models of Education in Humanities (an essay)

Key Courses/Disciplines

  • Current Issues in Science and Education
  • Expert Evaluation Methodology in Education
  • Global Dialogue in Education
  • Text in Foreign Education Systems
  • Expert Evaluation Ethics in Education
  • Current Issues in Theology and Spiritual Education
  • Theology of Education in the Context of Theological Subjects
  • Introduction to Buddhism
  • Introduction to Orthodoxy
  • Introduction to Islam
  • Introduction to Judaism
  • Teaching Spiritual and Moral Culture in General Education Schools, Vocational Schools and Higher
  • Education Institutions
  • Biblical and Theological Foundations of Human
  • Education and Moral Development
  • History of Theological Schools of Thought
  • History of Philosophy and Theology of Education
  • Theology in the Framework of Humanities
  • Orthodox Spiritual Education and Theological Education Policy in Russia from the 17th to the 21st Century
  • Christian Aesthetic in the Context of World Cultural History
  • Theology of Personality in the Context of Social, Cultural and Academic Education
  • Axiological Theology
  • State and Church Education Policy
  • Formal and Informal Education in Modern Society
  • Contemporary Western Theological Education: Issues and Prospects

Career Opportunities

Our alumni work in the following positions:
  • instructor that trains secondary school teachers so that they can teach subjects related to theology as well as moral and value development.

Our alumni land jobs in:
  • educational institutions.