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Practice and Didactics of Translation

  • Practice and Didactics of Translation
  • 45.04.02
  • Master
    2 years
  • Full-time education
    Mode of Study
  • Russian
    Language of Instruction

Our Advantages

  • The programme is focused on teaching translation and interpreting along with a range of technical skills which are inherent to contemporary translation industry
  • Practical classes take place in specialised laboratories at Herzen University’s campus. There are also a range of internships available to our students in St Petersburg’s largest translation companies
  • Students carry out their own translation studies research and take part in international academic and research projects
  • Our academic staff includes translators and other experts from the translation industry
  • Students acquire solid translation and interpreting skills, master cutting-edge translation technology and software, and carry out translation research
  • The programme highlights the importance of team work and develops soft skills which are a prerequisite of successful career
  • The programme has a vibrant learning environment designed to enhance students’ general knowledge and improve their language expertise
  • Students obtain an accurate and deep understanding of the economic and legal aspects of a translator’s work. They also gain knowledge about ethics in translation industry

Admissions Tests

  • Theory and Practice of Foreign Language in Linguistics Education (Oral and Written Test)

Key Courses/Disciplines

Students master translation to and from three European languages: Russian (language A), English and either German or French.
  • Practical Training in Written Translation
  • Translation of Specialised Texts
  • Practical Training in Interpreting (consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, sight translation)
  • Information Technology in Translation

Career Opportunities

Alumni work in local translation companies and other organisations in positions requiring foreign language proficiency.
Our alumni land jobs which may involve any of the following tasks:
  • management of translation projects
  • working with automated translation systems
  • managing client communication and communication with translation providers
  • translation quality assurance
  • provision of comprehensive in-house linguistic services
  • managing corporate workflow in foreign languages
  • writing corporate blogs and preparing press-releases in foreign languages
The examples of job positions include:
  • translator
  • localization expert
  • editor
  • proof-reader
  • terminologist
  • translation project manager